Chinese New Year 2-a-Day Takeout


The goal is to learn a lot of Chinese with the minimal amount of required dedication as possible. I’ve heard too many stories of people giving up on languages just because they couldn’t commit to practicing it. With this program any busy body or slacker can take full advantage of learning with the least strain of dedication. The plan stretches out evenly over 52 weeks (1 yr); using the first 9 weeks to learn new words and the other 43 to learn new sentences. The goal’s equation is 43 weeks x 14 new sentences = 602 sentences a year. That’s an average of 3,010 words for a year in total! Most language programs aim for a 1,000 to 2,000 word vocabulary after completion; my program allows you to use an extra 1,000 words with ease!

The Takeout

Create flash or index cards that allow you to read vertically by flipping from top to bottom/bottom to top. This portion of the program can be achieved within the first 9 weeks of the year. Use a beginner book, CD, DVD or website to copy down your first 350 words to know. Copy down no more than 5 new words a day. For example; a vertical list of Chinese words on one side and a vertical list of the English translations on the flip side (it will appear upside down when turned over horizontally so flip up/down, vertically, instead). As your card stack grows so will your memory of your first few words in your new language! Look up Harry Lorayne’s Memory System, this can help you connect any dissimilar language with English in a short time. Don’t stress grammar or pronunciation just yet, you’ll get to that later. Just test yourself as the weeks progress and the memory will kick in to help you!

The Delivery

See how it sounds in person! Use an audio CD, CD ROM, DVD, or online language course to hear and pronounce to tones and the accent of your new language. This is a chance to get interactive about it. Record yourself and play it back using a digital recorder, a cell phone or your computer; pronouncing a couple of words in your new language. See if you sound like the teacher. Aim to get the vowels and words that cover the entire language’s alphabet,tones, and/or phonetic chart. See how it sounds when a man is speaking and when a lighter voice of a women is speaking. Compare it to your own voice. This should be done anytime throughout the first 9 weeks of the program.

Extra Delivery!

Now it’s time to write in Chinese! Once your are done with the first 9 weeks of building your basic vocabulary and pronunciation you can be more than confident in learning 2 new sentences. Using your beginner book, CD, and/or internet language tool copy down just new 2 sentences a day (2-a-Day Takeout). For languages like Chinese use a beginner book, CD ROM, or translator website that has both the English alphabet version of the sentence and the sentence in the alphabet or characters of your new language. Start the day by writing them up on the wall where you can see them (a dry-erase marker on your bedroom mirror works fine) in both the English translation and in your new language. Think of the 2 sentences as 2 new nuggets of knowledge to recite throughout the day. Recite them quietly to yourself like a poem or song. Review these 2 sentences at the end of the next day; see if you can guess them within out checking. Make a list of audio recordings of each of your 2 new sentences you’ve learned; listen to it to test and practice. Now would be the best time to look up the grammar rules of your new language; not to memorize them entirely but to help when you feel like writing your own 2 new sentences without copying from something else. Use it to look up parts of speech that don’t exist in English and see what they are used for in your new language (Chinese has a couple of those). Keep a checklist of your progress and in little to no time you’ll have close to 600 new sentences memorized by Christmas!


Can Jesus free us?

Taking back what plan? You ask. We’re taking back the plan our Creator designed for our existence. God’s plan for our lives is to prosper us. For too long this plan has been held captive by sin. We are not just here on earth to survive we are meant to thrive (live life to the fullest)! Too many times has sin taken control over our minds, body, and soul; and it’s about time we took back our free will from sin! Jesus replied, “What I’m about to tell you is true. Everyone who sins is a slave of sin. (John 8:34) Just imagine trying to go a whole day without sinning, a week, a month, a year. Seems impossible doesn’t it? Our will power will eventually fade and we will just give in to temptation. There’s only one true key to our freedom and that is in trusting in Jesus Christ. No other name and person can burst open the chains of sin that we drag around with us everywhere we go. But by believing that he took the punishments for our sins on the cross and trusting faithfully that he can and will change us; that’s when we will see freedom. We know that what we used to be was nailed to the cross with him. That happened so our sinful bodies would lose their power. We are no longer slaves of sin. (Romans 6:6) Instead of living as enslaved sinners we will become redeemed, saved sinners. For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. (Romans 3:23) We can never be perfect but we can sure be forgiven! So break the chains of sin through faith and prayer. You can begin your journey of freedom by saying: Lord I know that I am a sinner. I have done wrong but I don’t want to live like a slave anymore! I want you to free me! I ask that you forgive me of all the bad things I’ve done and come into my heart. Show me the right way to live. Amen.

Something Funny I realized…


Well it’s funny how no one wants a strange criminal to walk into there house and live in it but they expect God to let people who Refuse to know him waltz right into heaven with all their crimes called sins, within their hearts. He’s your CREATOR but his Plan for us is destroyed by sin. If you follow His plan by trusting in Him and his Word, The Bible, then your Creator, Father God, Jesus will welcome you as a friend in heaven. Remember, only family and friends are admitted into heaven. Strange criminals will join the devil and his demons; behind bars, tormenting in hell for all of their sins. Sorry but that’s the only place strange criminals can stay after being found guilty of their crimes, but there is still Hope. Pray. Tell Jesus that you Admit that you’re a sinner, have done wrong and will Trust in Him to Forgive you and Change your life from this point forward . Act early because nobody’s promised a tomorrow, nobody.

I don’t need jewels to be a Princess!


Princess attire

For way too many odd years I was acting as a mere pawn in the Kingdom but now I have realized that I am nobility and must live up to the title bestowed upon me by the King of the Universe. I see life through different eyes now; ones that look up to the Heavenly thrown for guidance. _Tina Francois 2010

How to Eradicate Racism One Mind At a Time


I’m here to talk about what no one wants to hear but like strong and bitter medicine that cures our illnesses: everyone needs to hear it. Racism is when envy becomes a way of life. Ask anyone one around the world if they’ve ever felt bullied, belittled and targeted by an envious person or group of people for their looks or personality and 99% of the time they’ll say yes. Not to make light of the historical oppression of racism in the US, but sometimes it takes a “getting out of our American bubble” to see that racism is not an American thing, it isn’t even a color thing; it is an overall cancer conspired by human nature since the fall of mankind. People don’t need to have a drastically different complexion of skin tanning, facial features, or languages to target and discriminate against one another. In case we all have historical amnesia I’m pretty sure we can see that people oppress others for various reasons besides looks. For example I’m pretty sure a Tibetans feel oppressed by the Chinese government or anyone trying to start a church there. Jews, Christians and Slavs during the Nazi’s reign of terror, a school kid in by the school bully, and the Rwandan genocide are all cases of non-color coded oppression. It’s not fair to compare one group sufferings as harsher than the other; many people were abused and killed in these examples listed above.

Now what this all has to do with racism. In America we have an unfortunate history of color-coded oppression but the truth is this oppression is most cancerous because it became law on the state and national level. The Davis Bacon act of 1931; a tale conveniently avoided in our history text books. This law came about by a group envious men in the South that felt that it was unfair for a “white” boss to hire “black” workers because they didn’t get the jobs instead. The US government went along with the cancerous idea and made it law in a handful of Southern states. As you can see a “white” man mining his own business hires out employees of a darker complexion simply because he saw in these fellow men what the envious labor union couldn’t see: better talent and skills for the job. The race delusion would’ve been long stamped out of our country’s culture if envious people like these didn’t have a voice in politics. Unfortunately this is a democracy; the best political decisions for yourself are decided by a “royal” group of strangers, not by you. Now you can see how this snowballed into everyday American people using “race labels” such as “white” and “colored” “Hispanic” and “Biracial” and “yellow skinned”. As an artist it’s easy to see that all humans are colored different variations of brown. I haven’t seen a a single black, red, yellow, or white person walking down the street ever in my life. Is it me or Americans have lost there ability to tell colors. Put a black crayon next to a person culturally labeled black and your will see that there’s 100’s of shades of brown that people have been calling black all these years; same thing goes for other race labels, they just don’t fit the match. In reality anthropologist have discovered that all the ancestors of the human race can be traced back the continent of Africa. Humans eventually split up and migrated to various lands with climates they physically adapted to overtime; giving the only race: humanity, various bone structures, facial features, hair types, freckles, and skin tans. Nationalities and cultures are things we learn after we’re born and can and freely choose (if aware) to let define who we are. They are not controlled by our skin tans and bodily features; culture is decided by our minds.

Now about how to eradicate racism. Here are a few tips on how to avoid the traps and snares of oppressive thinking.

  • Avoid using race labels like “red skin” “Asian looking” “Hispanic looking” “black guy” “white people”; race labels are inaccurate white lies (through your teeth) that assume that people’s looks are subject to these narrow color check-boxes and are standardized by them. Tribal Americans, Asians, Spanish speakers,and more or less tanned people actually appear very diverse in human features; more than their race labels allow them. There’s no real point in keeping up with it all the labels. Melanin is a brown colored chemical that allows people to get a tan; people’s sun tans and bodily features are irrelevant in determining the type of person they are and/or should be.
  • Get to know people for who they are not how they are. In other words embrace the blatant fact that you live in a fascinating planet that has human diversity. Appreciate people with diverse features that make the human genetic gene pool deeper and has been proven to help avoid certain genetic disorders. Embrace that humans have overall adapted to different climates and have been able sustain themselves and develop defensive features to enable them to survive in these various climates. Understand that if we all stayed looking the same we as the human race wouldn’t be able to move to new bio zones and survive.
  • Remember your physical features are something your ancestors gave you. If you want to debate this ask an anthropologist or geneticist. What culture you identify yourself with it up to you as you grow up. Be able to make the difference so that way you don’t race label yourself. For example I consider myself an American citizen. Some people like to adapt the cultures of their parents who immigrated to America from another country. You see that’s culture not race. Don’t fall into the trap of “racial pride” , be humbled by how you look not proud. Culture and languages are something anyone can learn and participate in if capable and can transcend national borders, physical features, space and time.
  • Learn that all humans are individuals that act as individuals. In other words we are are a bunch little worlds within a bigger world and we make personal decisions for ourselves everyday for a personal reason. So when people identify themselves with a culture that’s a decision they’ve made for a reason they understand. Your culture does not decide your logic you logically decide your culture. This can help you better get that people’s physical features do not define their personality, skills, character and abilities. These personal attributes are all determined by various experiences and decisions made as human beings develop. This is why is important to understand how to avoid ignorant thinking and just realize that you have to listen to a person’s words and understand a person’s behavior to genuinely tell who they are.

Just imagine a new day of just simply naming people by their name, allowing people to speak for themselves and not letting their features speak for them, and putting aside all cultural nuances of labeling them as “this color” or “that location looking”. You can almost see how free and open minded you’ll begin to feel. You can let your encounters be a genuine thing. Imagine no race label profiling to get in the way, no feature discriminating, no divides, big differences and lines drawn up in your mind about this person. One mind at a time we can see a world where people are just people, diversity is anticipated and warmly appreciated, and people can be who they choose to be; not a bunch of political labels fueled by envy and human oppression. Where mass media and political messages aren’t based on irrelevant features and people are allowed to be untied to our oppressive history. Imagine a place where individuals are allowed to be just human. Humans are only blamed for and benefit from their individual acts not for the acts of people who resemble their features in history. When we free our minds and swiftly let go of oppressive thinking we can finally remove the “plank in our eye” and be set free. Share free thinking, talk about it, one mind at a time.

The Big Splash webcomic has landed!

The cover is just the beginning of a friendly adventure between two friends.

This is a story based on a dream I had one afternoon and thought it would make a interesting comic. Enjoy!

To read the whole story click here

Where will you be in year 2100?

The answer is: No one alive today will be here except for anyone from age’s 0-12. Even they will be between the ages of 90-120! What’s the point? Time will keep progressing forward with or without your consent. Consider John 11 verse 25-26. “I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even if he dies. And those who live and believe in me will never die”_ Jesus Christ

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